GT606 - Neighborhood Cats Gravity Trap with Non-Spring Loaded Door and Easy Release Door



Introducing Model GT606 the new Gravity Trap from Tomahawk Live Trap, co-designed and endorsed by Neighborhood Cats. When a cat steps on the trip plate, the front door drops by using gravity - no springs are involved.  This makes the trap quieter than a spring-loaded model and virtually...

Introducing Model GT606 the new Gravity Trap from Tomahawk Live Trap, co-designed and endorsed by Neighborhood Cats. When a cat steps on the trip plate, the front door drops by using gravity - no springs are involved.  This makes the trap quieter than a spring-loaded model and virtually eliminates any risk of injury to a cat or kitten from the falling door. Unlike other gravity traps on the market, the front door locks automatically!  No clips or carabiners needed, no chance of the door opening if the trap accidentally rolls over. And, unlike other brands, you don't need three hands to set the trap - just lift the single rod connecting the front door rings with one hand and lift the door with the other.  The “Easy Release” rear door is recessed 1” and protected by ¼” reinforcing rods to prevent damage to the door and door slides.  Plus, the rear door has an attached lock, so once again, no extra clips needed!  Another advantage of our gravity trap is the trigger rod rests against the side of the trap out of harm's way, removing the chance trapped cats can hurt themselves on protruding rods or wires.  GT606 is a tough and durable trap, yet it only weighs 9 pounds, which makes it much easier to carry than heavier traps.  And our traps are clipped together at the seam with heavy duty clips rather than hog rings to provide additional strength. This trap measures 30" long x 9" wide x 11" tall. 

 The Gravity Trap also includes all the great TNR features found on our other Neighborhood Cats traps: 1) Extra-Large trip plates to prevent cats from stepping over the plate and stealing bait without setting off the trap, 2) large hand guards to prevent handlers from getting scratched and also convenient for labels, 3) a guillotine-style rear door that allows easy baiting of the trap as well as safe and easy transfer or release of captured cats and, 4) double handles to improve stability when carrying a trapped cat..  

 These traps are built to last a lifetime and come powder coated at no additional charge. "This is the best TNR trap available today," says Neighborhood Cats. 

Please note that powder coating on traps can chip off where parts rub or move against each other.  Periodic maintenance to your powder coated trap will extend the life of your trap and ensure its best performance. Touch up any bare metal spots with gloss spray paint if the powder coating has chipped off. 

Downloadable setting instructions: Gravity Trap Setting Instructions

Setting Demo Video below


9 lbs
30L x 9W x 11H
1x1 14 gauge mesh and 1/2 x 1 on rear portion

This trap is perfect! It was so hard for me to find a gravity trap like this somewhere else, but I was so happy when I saw Tomahawk had them. It works great, I've used it a few times now. I especially love the how secure the door is, and that it won't open if the trap tips over. This company is outstanding. Fast shipping, friendly customer service, and an American company with products made in America. Thank you!!

This is by far the best trap I have ever used in trapping ferals. The trap is easy to bait. I love that when a raccoon rolls the trap the design of the "front" door prevents the door from opening. I've seen raccoons roll the trap on 3 separate occasions with out being able to spring the door. I love the attached snap on the back door. No more looking for a snap or carribiner or zip tie to secure the door. I love having 2 handles which makes the trap easier to carry when the cat is going wild. I have 4 of these traps and have converted my trapping partners to purchasing also. The traps are so much easier to clean and provide post op care than the spring loaded traps. The little indent makes setting the trap a breeze and it is easy to adjust the sensitivity. I love everything about the trap. Size is a bonus because I can now transport 1 more trap at a time.

This is the best box trap I’ve ever used. Kittens can’t wiggle their way out of the trap (as one was able to in another gravity trap I’ve used) due to the bar lock closure. Also a great transfer trap because of the easy release door. I recommend it to everyone.

Love the double handle, somehow that makes it so much easier to carry. Love the sliding door at the back, all traps should be required to have two doors. Love the connected slide-up on the front door so you don't have to hold up both rings while trying to get the door with the third hand you don't have. That was a genius idea.

Not sure about the weirdly small baiting area at the back. The trip plate seems larger which may account for the smaller baiting area. Other than having to rip the paper plate in half to fit, it seems to work just fine.

The powder coat does definitely makes it easier to clean.

I also got brown trap mat. I've never NOT caught a cat in this trap when it is among 5 or 6 more traditional traps. Not sure if it's the mat or the mechanism but whatever it is, it works.

Also got the clear acrylic door. Tried it out on a few trips, but I think I'll keep it specifically for the hard to catch cats because it freaks me out when the cat keeps hitting it, thinking it's an opening to run out of. Think bird flying into the clean window. I can see it getting scratched up pretty quickly if I used it all the time as well, so it will go into storage until I need it.

Overall, one of my favorite traps to use.

This new trap is my favorite! The gravity door allows more room in the trap and closes quieter than the standard door. I like to pair it with the clear back door to make it look more like a tunnel than a box so it is more enticing to the cats in our TNR program.

This trap is great - easy to set the powder coating makes such a difference when it is sprung. I plan to order a couple more to help with a large colony in a park.

Tomahawk makes the best traps for tnr!

Fantastic design! My new favorite trap!

This trap is the best one yet. Easy to bait and set, closes gently and securely on its own, easy access via the sliding back door. Larger than most traps. Double handles for secure carrying. Great for cats and the people who TNR them.

This is such a great design. I love the back door with the handle and it is so easy to set.
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