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37 lbs, 48L x 20W x 26H, 1 x 2 - 12 gauge mesh
Model 610A is a live trap designed for small to average size dogs and similar size animals. This cage trap weighs 37 lbs and measures 48L x 20W x 26H. This trap is constructed from 1" x 2" - 12 gauge galvanized wire mesh and features a rear access door for easy baiting and transfer of animals.

47 lbs, 48L x 20W x 26H, 1 x 1 - 12 gauge
Model 210A is an Original Series collapsible trap for small to average dogs, fox, and similar size animals. These traps are simple to operate, can be folded flat in in just a couple of minutes for easy storage and transportaion, and set up just as quickly with no tools required. This dog trap...

The Collarum® is one of the best and most humane canine capture devices on the market. The Collarum® throws a secure, non-choking cable loop over a canine's head and around the neck making capture faster, easier and more effective than ever before.