Comstock Series Multi-Purpose 9x11 Trap

All Comstock Series Traps are made to order and manufactured on a first in first out basis.

Please allow additional processing time for these items to ship. Thank you!

  • Powerful Trap Door Springs - Comstock Series Traps feature our most powerful trap doors and instantly snap into place when the trap is triggered.
  • Versatile - The Multi-Purpose Comstock Series trap can be placed over den openings, against structures on entry/exit points or set in a standard baited situation.
  • Coming or Going - This trap features two trap doors to catch animals coming or going out during a positive set situation over den openings.
  • Multiple Trap Attachment - The built on nose cone features three opening sides to allow multiple trap attachment over a single den opening or for horizontal or vertical mounts against structures.
  • Set in any position - After the trap is set it can be placed in any position including vertical making it a great trap for chimney sets and awkward positions.
  • No Trip Pan- Comstock Series Traps are triggered by a swinging wire trigger mechanism which allows you to capture trap wise animals that are likely to avoid a standard trip pan trap.
  • Powder Coated. All Comstock Series 9x11" Traps come with a powder coated finish.
  • Made in the USA. Manufactured by Tomahawk Live Trap in the USA at our facility in Hazelhurst, Wisconsin.
  • Quality Assured. Each trap is quality inspected and tested before it is shipped to you, our valued customer.
Model CSBP2 is a Swing Bar Conversion Kit for Comstock Series 9x11 traps. This kit allows the older style swing bar with open trigger springs to be replaced with the new post mounted loop style trigger springs on all 9 x 11 Comstock traps. The kit consists of one powder coated swing bar...

18 lbs, 36L x 9W x 11H, 1/2 x 1 - 14 gauge
There are no traps more versatile than Model C911MP. The Comstock Multipurpose Trap measures 36L x 9W x11H, is constructed of 1/2" x 1" wire mesh throughout the trap and weighs approximately 18 lbs. It features a built in 3-way nose cone for mounting over dens or entry points on structures....