Syringe Poles & Jab Stick Syringes

We offer two categories of syringe poles, thumb trigger and push syringe poles.

Thumb trigger syringe poles operate just like a syringe you find at the doctors' office except they give you much greater reach. Gently push the needle into the animal and control the injection from the thumb operated trigger at the opposite end. There is no additional pressure on the animal during the injection. Standard lengths for these syringe poles are 15", 30", and 50". Custom lengths are available upon request. These are made from anodized steel tubing and will pass through a ¾" opening.

Push syringe poles require you to press the syringe into the animal and push forward to inject it. This process applies pressure on the animal. We offer push syringe poles in 16" and 36" lengths, and, 3cc and 12cc. These are made from plastic.

Model EXPS is Tomahawk's Extension Pole Syringe which is a “push" style syringe. It is made from sturdy, yet light weight aluminum. This pole extends to 8' and comes with a standard 12cc monoject syringe and needle guard. The pole collapses to 41" for easy storage.