Feral Cat Traps

Our Feral Cat Series Traps are specifically designed for Feral Cats. We worked closely with "Neighborhood Cats" and "Fix Nation" cat organizations to help us tailor the design to meet very specific feral cat needs.

Feral Cat Specific Features include:

  • Extra large trip pan to prevent cats from stepping over it to steal the bait and not get caught.
  • Extra large hand guard for added protection from scratches, also convenient for labels.
  • Easy release door to allow cats to be tended to when they are confined to the trap after surgery.
  • Top release door locking device for easy access.
  • Extra large, double trap handles makes lifting a breeze, as two hands can be used to lift and stabilize the trap.
  • Strategic Mesh Pattern - 1/2 x 1" mesh on the back portion of the trap to prevent cats from reaching in and stealing bait from the outside.