Traps with Two Trap Doors

  • Superior Quality. Tomahawk Original Series traps have been manufactured in the USA and trusted by professionals, government organizations and homeowners for over 90 years.'
  • Easy to Set and Use - Tomahawk Live Traps come fully assembled and can be set in just a couple seconds. To set the rear door simply push in the front door panel then lift the door all the way up then simply by opening the front trap door it will set the rear door which can now be released. Next pull the trigger hook forward on the front door and let the door rest on it. When an animal steps on the trip plate both doors will shut.
  • Calms Wary Animals - When both trap doors are set animals can see through the trap without obstruction giving them extra confidence to enter.
  • Double Entry - Animals can enter the trap from either direction making double door traps ideal for setting in common runways such as natural funnels or along walls.
  • Versatility - Our two door traps are usually used in a bait-less runway situation but they can also be used as a single door trap when desired. Simply set only the front door and place bait behind the trip plate to entice animals to enter.
  • All About the Details - Tomahawk Live Traps are known for the simplistic design with superior quality. Many small details separate us from the competition. From the sure-fire, brass roller in our trigger system to the strategic wire mesh patters and everything in between each piece of the trap has been thought out, tested and inspected for quality.