Pro Series Gravity Door Traps

Introducing the new Pro Series Gravity Traps from Tomahawk Live Trap.  When an animal steps on the trip plate, the front door drops by using gravity - no springs are involved.  This makes the trap quieter than a spring-loaded model and virtually eliminates any risk of injury to an animal from the falling door. Unlike other gravity traps on the market, the front door locks automatically!  No clips or carabiners needed, no chance of the door opening if the trap accidentally rolls over. And, unlike other brands, you don't need three hands to set the trap - just lift the single rod connecting the front door rings with one hand and lift the door with the other.  The “Easy Release” rear door has an attached lock, so once again, no extra clips needed!

 This Pro Series trap features ½ x 1 – 14 gauge mesh for the entire frame of the trap making it incredibly strong and impossible for trapped animals to reach outside the trap and cause damage to surrounding areas.  The tight mesh also prevents animals from reaching into the trap and swiping bait without getting caught. 


These traps are built to last and are made in the USA.