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This is the most current and extensive training in Wildlife Chemical Capture.

"The Foundations of Wildlife Chemical Capture" - by Global Wildlife Resources.
Brought to you by Mark R. Johnson, DVM - Wildlife Veterinarian, Instructor, founder and President of Global Wildlife Resources

For Dr. Mark, how we capture wildlife is just as important as what we do. His highest priority is to handle every animal with care, compassion, and respect and to teach how we incorporate those heart-felt values into our tools, techniques, and mannerisms. This leads to greater success in the field, better animal care, greater joy in our work, and a steady desire to always do better.

  • 16 hours of certification
  • Certificate of Training
  • The Wildlife Society approved 16 CE hours for their Professional Development Program
  • Amazing videos and stunning images
  • 150 page downloadable course notebook plus handouts
  • Over 60 wildlife professionals, including 14 other wildlife veterinarians have contributed content for this course.
  • This course is currently used by state and federal agencies to train and certify their field biologists.
  • Cost is $580 USD
  • This is an independent course you can take on your own time.
  • You have support throughout the course from Dr. Mark Johnson DVM
With access for a year, it is a great "Go To" resource for your field captures and animal handling needs.

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