Rescue™ Equipment & Accessories

Hand pump for 1 gallon jugs of Rescue™ concentrate. Can be used again and again on new 1 gallon jugs. This product ships for free within the U.S. Model A8050.

This hand pump is designed to work with 5 gallon pails of Rescue™ Concentrate for easy dispensing out of 5 gallon pails. Model # A8055

An economically priced foamer that produces a large volume of foam for tough jobs. For use with 32oz bottles. Creates a clinging, wet foam that adheres to a surface longer for extra power. Dispenses 1.4 ml or 3.5 ml of clinging, long-lasting foam. Has an ergonomic trigger which provides...

Hose style, trigger fired foam gun for dispersing Rescue™ concentrate. Adjustable flow rate and dilution levels. Easy to use and ideal for cleaning larger areas. Chemical bottle holds 32oz of concentrate.

This Ball Valve Mixing Station provides hands-free dispensing of chemical solutions at selected dilution rates. Attaches with garden hose style water hookup. Adjustable flow rates and dilution levels. For use with any size of Rescue™ Concentrate. Includes: Stainless steel mounting enclosure...