9" x 11" - Comstock Series Traps

  • Powerful Trap Door Springs - Comstock Series Traps feature our most powerful trap doors and instantly snap into place when the trap is triggered.
  • Set in any position - After the trap is set it can be placed in any position including vertical making it a great trap for chimney sets and awkward positions.
  • No Trip Pan- Comstock Series 9x11" Traps are triggered by a swinging wire trigger mechanism which allows you to capture trap wise animals that are likely to avoid a standard trip pan trap.
  • Powder Coated. All Comstock Series 9x11" Traps come with a powder coated finish.
  • Made in the USA. Manufactured by Tomahawk Live Trap in the USA at our facility in Hazelhurst, Wisconsin.
  • Quality Assured. Each trap is quality inspected and tested before it is shipped to you, our valued customer.