Feral Cat Trap Covers

  • Made Custom For Each Trap - Our plastic trap covers are made specifically to fit each size and style of trap. This ensures they will be the correct size for the trap and all handles will be accessible while the cover is on the trap. We can also make custom trap covers for any of your existing traps or cages. Contact us with sizes and specifications for any custom size not listed.
  • UV Resistant - Made from high density polyethylene these covers are made to last and will not break down from the suns harmful rays like many other plastic covers.
  • Calms Trapped Animals - Plastic trap covers are ideal for trapping because they calm trapped animals and make them feel protected from anyone passing by.
  • Provide Shelter - Trap covers also provide shelter from the elements to trapped animals giving them shade from the sun and shelter from rain or snow.
  • Covered While Set - Our covers are designed to be on the trap while it is set. This eliminates panic from animals while approaching an uncovered trap and also provides immediate shelter to trapped animals if you are not present when the animal is caught.