NWCOA - Pro Series Roof / Attic Trap

  • Superior Quality - Featuring 1/2" x 1 wire mesh throughout the trap, heavy duty components and powerful trap door springs. The Tomahawk Professional Series is second to none.
  • Welded on Bait Cover - The back portion of these traps features a welded on sheet metal cover to protect animals and bait from the elements.
  • Mounting Loops - Four mounting loops are welded to the bottom of the trap for quick and easy mounting to roofs or staking to the ground.
  • Removable Catch Tray - Features a removable bottom tray designed to catch any waste matter from trapped animals and also provides extra protection to personal property.
  • Positive Set Options - Setting a trap over an entry/exit point is knows as a positive set. This type of setting can be used with or without bait and gives the animal no other option but to enter the trap.
  • Extra Damage Protection - Extra components are built into these traps to prevent animal damage. A trip pan protector is welded to the trap eliminating trip pan damage.
  • Tight Mesh Pattern - 1/2 x 1" mesh is used throughout the entire trap to prevent animal damage to property and also prevent bait theft.