7 lbs, 24 x 9 x 9, Polyethylene, Sheetmetal Doors
Model 924 is an ideal choice for skunks because it is completely enclosed. This enclosed trap is also great for trapping animals in highly populated areas because it protects both the animal and people passing by. This trap measures 24L x 9 x 9 and is constructed of polyethylene with sheet metal...

6 lbs, 23L x 6 Diameter, HD Plastic Tube & Sheet Metal Door
Model P623 is a tube style enclosed skunk trap designed to protect handlers from being sprayed. This trap is equipped with a locking trap door and a handle for easy trasportation. This trap measures 23L with a 6" diameter tube. It is constructed with a heavy duty plastic tube and sheet metal...

1 lb, 2 x 2.5 x 6.5, 30Ga Galv
Sherman Trap model SFG is a 2 x 2.5 x 6.5, folding, 30ga. galvanized trap for mice and other very small animals.

9 lbs, 30L x 5W x 8H, 1/2 x 1 - 14 gauge
Model C59CHIM is a trap designed to capture raccoons living in chimneys, to be dropped into a chimney from the top, and completely hidden from sight. It consists of the trap, trap flap, trap flap chain, trap stop, and chimney top mesh screen. The trap stop allows you to drop the trap into the...

Minimum quantity for "Comstock Chimney Trap" is 1.

15 lbs, 36L x 12W x 12H, 1 x 1 - 12 gauge
Model TCT12 - The Tomahawk Chimney Trap is designed to fit over the chimney flue and is easily secured. It features two mounting flaps that can be used to secure the trap and cover larger openings to ensure the raccoon is directed into the trap. The trap is triggered when the raccoon exits the...

7.5 lbs, 24 x 18 x 6, 1/2 x 1 - 14 gauge
Model PBST100 is a multiple catch skunk trap with large holding area designed to catch the whole surfeit (group of skunks). This trap was designed by Wayne Langman and has proven itself to be an excellent trap for groups of skunks with over 30 years of in the field use by professional wildlife...

Model CDO24 – Cat Den Door Opener. This convenient accessory allows you to open and close the porthole door of your feral cat den from outside the pen. Simply insert hook into the door hole to open or close the porthole door.

12 lbs, 21L x 11W x 12H, 1 x 1 - 14 gauge
Model RM306 is our newest restraint module specifically designed for easy handling of cats. Restraint modules are essential tools when absolute control of an animal is required. Our restraint modules feature sliding doors at both ends of the cage which eliminates the need to turn animals around...

Food container accessory designed to fit any pigeon or bird trap or carrier that is 8" high or higher. Comes complete with 6 x 6 x 8" high wire mesh housing designed to keep food tray clean. Sheet metal food tray is included and measures 5 x 5 x 2". Model PCF668.

Water container accessory designed to fit any pigeon or bird trap or carrier that is 8" high or higher. Comes complete with 6" x 6" x 8" high wire mesh housing designed to keep 28 oz. water container clean. Water container is included. Model PCW668.

Combination Kit containing PCF668 - Food Container and PCW668 – Water Bowl. These accessories are designed to fit any pigeon or bird trap or carrier that is 8" high or higher. Comes complete with 6 x 6 x 8" high wire mesh housing designed to keep food tray clean. Sheet metal food tray is...

Model CSBP2 is a Swing Bar Conversion Kit for Comstock Series 9x11 traps. This kit allows the older style swing bar with open trigger springs to be replaced with the new post mounted loop style trigger springs on all 9 x 11 Comstock traps. The kit consists of one powder coated swing bar...

7 lbs, 30 x 10 x 10, 1/2 x 1 - 14 gauge
This Comstock squirrel transfer cage is designed to fit traps that are 5W x 5H" or larger Comstock Series swing panel traps. Quickly and easily transfer squirrels from your traps into this transfer cage and redeploy your traps immediately. To perform the transfer with comstock swing panel traps...

These hanging cage cups for pigeons, birds, and other animals have a Unique shift locking design so they can be easily clipped into wire mesh traps and cages. This keeps more active animals from knocking them off the wire. They are made in the USA from HDPE (high-density polyethylene) which...

This beaver bait has a heavy grease consistency, is totally waterproof and contains plenty of high quality castor, essential oils, and unusual aromatics that make it irresistible to beaver in any season.

Thick waterproof muskrat paste lure. A unique aroma of intensely sweet aromatics, essential oils, muskrat musk, and a remarkable secret ingredient used by no other lure maker.

This remote control trap kit is used for trapping multiple cats at a time. It comes with a drop trap, remote control trigger and bracket to use the trigger on the sliding door of the drop trap. This kit does not include the bracket to use the drop trap remotely while propped up. REMOTE DROP...

Tomahawk Bite Guard Synthetic gloves were designed for maximum dexterity and grip without sacrificing bite protection. An excellent choice for handling feral cats! These gloves are fully lined with Kevlar in both the hand and sleeve and are made of all synthetic materials containing no animal...

9 lbs, 12" Tall x 19" Diameter, 1x1- 14ga
This unique trap is patent pending and was designed by inventor Randy Jack. The unique circle frame of this trap eliminates straight walls and corners for the animal to push against after being trapped. This trap features a removable bait dish, internal plastic cover to keep trapped animals...

DT-DOR reduces the opening size of our drop trap release door from 12W x 14H down to 8W x 10H. This handy accessory allows almost any model trap from any manufacturer to be used with our DT1 and DT2 drop traps for transferring trapped cats out of the drop trap. In just a few seconds, with no...

2.5 lbs, 18L x 5W x 5H, 1/2 x 1/2 - 16 gauge
Model WMP601SS is a Wildman Products professional series live trap for squirrels, chipmunks, gophers, rats and similar size animals. This trap measures 18L x 5W x 5H. It features a built in bait box that is also the trigger for the trap. Constructed of 1/2 x 1/2 - 16 gauge wire frame and...

These heavy duty, metal, trap mounting clips can be used to mount traps to surfaces such as rooftops, decks and walls. These clips make securing traps almost too easy! This item has free shipping in the USA via standard post. These trap mounting clips are available in in half pound (aprox 80...

1 lbs, 11L x 4W x 4H, 1/2 x 1 - 14 gauge + Clear Acrylic
This Bird Eviction Door is designed to let birds out of an entry point on a structure.  Let birds remove themselves by installing the eviction door over the entry point with the included mounting tabs.  Birds can easily push the clear acrylic door open but cannot push it in to gain...

2 lbs, 16L x 5W x 5H, ½" x 1" - 16 gauge mesh
Model 602 is an Original Series Live Trap designed for squirrels, chipmunks, gophers, rats and similar sized animals. It weighs 2 pounds and measures 16L x 5W x 5H. This trap is constructed from 1/2" x 1" - 16 gauge galvanized wire mesh and features a rear access door for easy baiting and...
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